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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Science Journal

Where have I placed myself for
Gathering data
Engaging in science after today's experiment?

This morning all the classes had to make some slime to pour over Mr. Anderson's head. We had to make it runny so it could pour over his head easily. We made it smell good, by putting some vanilla essences in, but later on the smelly smell came back. Most of the slime was really chunky with big barnacles. Our class made the slime with water, food colouring, cornflour and vanilla essences.
I was multistructural at Gathering data because I was listening, taking it in, but not doing it to my best ability. But I was following others that were doing it to their best capability.

I was relational at Inferencing because, I understood what I could do and I connect my ideas.

This week our class has been learning about science. We we’re doing a project about rocket balloons, we had to get two chairs, a long piece of string, a balloon and a straw.
You had to thread the straw through the string, then tape the string to the chair.
Blow the balloon up and then watch it fly!

I was buddies Rosa, we had to make sure our observations were accurate.
To make them accurate we had to watch the balloon and observe from that.
We had a sheet to write down our observations, we had see, think and wonder.
We had to also make connections with things we have in common.
I think I was multistructural at this learning because, I could connect with a lot of things.
Overall me and Rosa did well, and I wouldn't mind to do it again.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Responsible citizen reflection

This term we were writing about responsible citizens.
When I first started doing my Responsible citizen writing, my mind was blank of what to do.

So I decided to ask the teacher for some feedback after I had done one quality.
The teacher said it was good, so I wrote another quality.

I learnt off my writing how to become a responsible citizen, how to be trustworthy give things back if I borrow it.

I asked Neve if I could use her pen she said give it back when you're finished. In about two minutes I returned it back to her.

Also, I think I volunteer for a lot of things. I am helping Ruby.I with her Radio DJ. I volunteered to get interviewed by her, I’m helping her by getting the job done that she needs to get done.

My project will help little kids that need help with being a responsible citizens, and like my friends and I, they will return each other's things.

Overall I would rate my understanding for being a responsible citizen, relational. Because I could connect my ideas together.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Responsible Citizens

Are you a responsible citizen?  Because if you aren't this will give you some tips on how to be a responsible citizen.

Trustworthy is a great quality of start off with. If people weren't trustworthy then people would start to get angry because nobody would bring anything back that other people lent to them. Here's an example…
If your friend tells you a secret you don’t tell anyone else but if it's a bad thing you can tell someone.

Caring is a great quality, if we weren't caring people would probably get bullied. So next time you see somebody being bullied be a helpful bystander and step in.

One of the key qualities is following the rules. If we didn't follow rules then people wouldn't have jobs because people could just steal money and not earn money. So we need to follow the rules so the younger children will copy our mistakes and learn from them.

Also being a role model is a great quality, if we weren't role models then who would the little kids learn from? So we need role models so we have someone to look up to, and guide us.

Someone I think that has both of these qualities is… My Uncle.
He is a responsible citizen in all the type of ways you could think of, he even stepped out of his work meeting to see me when I got hurt.

Overall I think we should follow these rules because people will feel more welcome to our country.
I think if we all do these qualities we will have a better place to stay and people will appreciate our land.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

My Netball Game

It is a freezing Friday morning and our team scatters from the bus. The path leads our way to the court and we start warming up. We play a mini game of netball. I start to sprint as I watch my every step. I have goosebumps all over my legs. We start playing the game. I jump, turn, pass! I keep my eye on the ball. The ball flies into the air and I catch it.  I don’t know what to do.  Should  I pass or should I shoot?
I decide to shoot. I flick my wrist as the ball flies into the air.  I feel nervous. I open my eyes as it falls into the hoop. Yay! I think to myself.  They got four goals. We only managed to get two, so we lost. But I still feel proud.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

I am a Limo

I am a limo,
extending my ideas.

I am a castle,
that reaches to the stars.

I am a little garden,
that grows when it learns.

I am a watermelon,
dripping with knowledge.

I am a cupcake,
sprinkles all over.

I am a little sweater,
warming my friends and I.

I am Gabriella

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Hide and seek

“66! 67! 68!
Will the teacher find me?
Run away from everyone!
I start to sweat like water dripping down.
I should go into that bush!
“85! 86! 87!”
Tuck your feet in.
The leaves gliding down.
I strike Into a tree, WHACK!
Hide away and tuck your arms in.
“98! 99! 100!”
Hush hush, she's going to find me I better hurry and find a place to hide!
My heart beats so fast it starts hitting the sides of my stomach.
Don't breathe.
I hear the leaves crunching beneath me.
Don't move.
Remain silent, remain still.
I better find a better hiding place!
People screaming like baboons.
I'm going to lose.
I hear Mrs. Bentall’s footsteps going past.
My face goes bright red.
“Found you!”
So I trudge back.
I wish I could have stayed in for longer.
I see everyone doing the map.
I get writing.
So I have to write while everyone else is playing hide and seek!

By Gabriella.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Happy endings

Happy endings  
By Gabriella and Lily-Grace

Chapter 1: The hunt
Chapter 2: surrounded by hate
Chapter 3: tunnels
Chapter 4: gone
Chapter 5: all over

Characters long

Hunter: red cliff
Whooping crane: josh
Puma: Connor
Fox: Alyssa
Snow Wolf: Janeiro
Snow wolf: Neon

The world spun like a hundred thousand diamonds as the two wolves ran side by side through the bracken. I could feel their panting and her ears twitching, pricking for sounds. Suddenly they put on a burst of speed and start howling. I forgot at night they howl to the moon. I scramble down into my borrow. I feel the rustling of the summer's day. There is something wrong. We have to move now.

Chapter 1
The hunt

“Come on, faster you stupid fleabag, there's animals. Huh they are  getting away faster faster faster COME ON” Red Cliff shouted at the top of his lungs.
I hear her panting next to me, coming closer and closer. My ears prick up as I run down the misty hills. Is it war or am I crazy? This is not what I wanted it to end up like. I run and run as the sun comes up. Suddenly they stop mid run and roar.
“As were not already dead, let's go” I scream
“It - it - its Red cliff, he is coming!” pants the puma.
The two wolfs look up. Neon howls, well to my ears it sounds like moaning yuck.
Janeiro murmurs “we have tried to outrun him, it doesn't work”
A crane snorts “just fly”
“Very funny we don't have wings” I sighed,
“Josh? Is it you josh? Oh fly away. It is you, yay” I grinned.
“Alyssa, nice to see you too” josh smirked,
”Thanks” I shyly replied.

Next second, I snuggle up into his fur but hear
“Get off! Anyway, fly away it's much faster”
“Yeah Josh we can't fly away, coward” grimaced Conner,
“You calling me a coward?  I'm no coward, you are” Josh spat,
“SILENCE fighting will not achieve ANYTHING” roared Neon,
“She right” whispered Janeiro.
The wolves shot glances.
“Allyssa come with us creatures belong with each other not together”
“We can change that” whimpered Conner,
“I wanna friend” whined Josh,
“You got a problem” called neon,
“Stop it stop it can we all be friends please or I go” I gave my puppy dog eyes,
“NO” they screamed altogether,
Was not expecting that to happen.
“Fine but hurry up let's go before he does somethings else”

Sprinting, we raced to a cave and stood there panting waiting listening for his voice. Nothing.  Neon sighed and went into her thoughts. We walk to the clearing. Boy, do I hate Josh, always taking advantage on how small and frail Alyssa is. Oh and last time she came out screaming at the top of her lungs “SNAKE SNAKE SNAKE! IT WAS A COBRA” It popped my ear drums.
“Alyssa, alyssa shh it's bedtime” Neon had groaned,
The other animals sighed and lay down their head but i well stare into nothing.

Chapter 2
Surrounded by hate.
Neon am I resilient enough to take this?
“Stop” Shouted Conner,
“don't yell” I whisper in anger.
“It's red cliff,” Janeiro Gasped.
The wind howls at us Red cliff was standing on top of the hill.
I tug at Janeiro's fur.
 “Neon that's enough come on let's go”
Janeiro says as she steps up.
Conner and I follow behind Janeiro.
“Sister is the others” I say as I point to a big hill that Josh and Alyssa are standing on.
“Hello” Josh yells
We run to Josh and Alyssa.
“Conner” Josh sighs
“Josh” Conner sighs
“Hello,” I say as I run to Alyssa
“Hi,” Alyssa says as she hugs me
“Josh this has to stop” Janeiro mumbles
“What,” Josh says confused
“You're taking Alyssa everywhere and something could happen she's only small she's the youngest out of all of us I'm the oldest so pass her,” Janeiro said angrily.
“I'm the second oldest so yeah I can take care of her” Josh mumbled
“Sorry,” Janeiro says as she walks off.
Janeiro started talking to Alyssa
“Alyssa does you want to be safe,” Janeiro says
“Yeah Josh takes me on adventures,” Alyssa says.
“Yeah but can you come with me I will take you on adventures,” Janeiro says as she tries to convince Alyssa
“ Does Neon come with us?” Alyssa asks
“Yes but Connor is going with Josh,” Janeiro says.
“Ok really,” Alyssa says
“Yes,” I say “josh is dangerous”.
“He is not,” Alyssa says
“He takes you to swamps scary tunnels even the worst he takes you to Red cliff,” Janeiro says.
Alyssa burst into tears.
“Josh is a nice person so what” I paused and wiped my tears away.
“Red cliff oh yeah he always does he does take me to swamps and scary tunnels I'm sorry,” I said sadly.
“I mean it I'm sorry I take it back please sorry ” I whimpered
“It's ok it's ok,” Janeiro said.
Janeiro started to calm me down
“Thanks,” I say.
We walk away from the boys the are just on top of the hill arguing.
“BOYS CALM DOWN” Neon calls.
“No need Neon no need,” I say
“Yeah they will just keep talking,” Janeiro says
“True,” I say.

Chapter 3

I was winding through the forest
“Hey look let's go in there that cave,” Josh says.
“No look it's so dark,” I say back to him.
Josh started to burst into this ridiculous song…
“Coward coward Conner is a coward coward Conner is a coward Coward”
“Fine let's have a contest who can survive the longest and not be a wimp,” I say.
“Fine, it's done come on,” Josh says.
So I walk behind Josh.
“You're a wimp,” Josh says looking in a very enthusiastic way.
“No, I am not,” I say angrily
“But I was the one who said we should go in here,” Josh says
Then he starts up again.
“Do you have a better comeback, huh do you?” Josh says.
“ Uh, I was the one who said we should have a contest boom,” I say.
“Fine you win this time,” Josh says.
I felt like my heart just stopped there was a tall animal wait it wasn't an animal it was…
red cliff.
“Oh my gosh we're gonna be dead come on” I yell
“Stop being a wimp,” Josh says
Josh was out of my sights I look up oh
“I'm gonna win the contest wimp”
Oh my gosh, what is Josh doing he's going to kill himself. I thought
“Josh come on stop your gonna kill yourself”
I yell at him.
“Ok only if I win”
“Help help I can't survive tell Alyssa I had a crush on her” Josh screamed.
“Josh gets my paw” I yell
Josh reached out his hand but then.
Red cliff pulled out his arrow I couldn't watch so I ran out.
I was out then I heard the sound of him screaming it violently faded out.
I put my head against a big rock.
“It's not fair” I cry.
“Janeiro are you out there Neon Alyssa Josh is gone”
I said as I started to fade out on the last three words.
“Where are Josh and Connor let's look for them,” Alyssa says.
“Yeah let's go find them,” Neon says
“Ok ok follow me,” Janeiro says.
“But what if they died,” Alyssa says
“Alyssa seriously doesn't be silly,” Janeiro says
“What it could be true ok then,” Alyssa says.
We move down the path we hear a noise.
“Alyssa Janeiro Neon can you hear me”
Janeiro says as she starts to pick up the paste.
“What is she doing,” Alyssa asked
“Let's just follow,” Neon says
“Ok,” Alyssa says.
“Conner” Janeiro calls.
“I'm here next to a big rock” I call back
Janeiro sees a rock in the distance.
She picks up even more paste.
“Janeiro you're going to fast,” Neon says
“Shh just keeps running sister and you Alyssa,” Janeiro says.
“Ok,” Alyssa says
“Neon,” Janeiro says
“Ok,” Neon says.
We meet with Conner.
Alyssa sees red berries in a bush.
So she runs to it.
“Very sadly Josh is…”I say sadly
“He's dead” Janeiro finish my sentence
“Yes I couldn't take it, Red cliff did it” I cry
“Josh oh Josh” Janeiro sobs.
“What he's he's dead,” Neon says sadly
“Alyssa won't be happy,” I say.
“Wait where is Alyssa,” I say as I wipe my tears away.
“Alyssa” I call.
I hear a faint scream after I call.
“Alyssa's in trouble come on” I say
“Janeiro comes on,” Neon says.
“Josh Josh he will always be here,” Janeiro says.
“I know I know he was a good person,” Neon says.
“Alyssa” Neon yells.
My heart beats faster and faster
The wind blows into my face I think just one thing this
What's happening will we find Alyssa. Alyssa oh Alyssa please come back.
“I can howl to Alyssa she knows how to howl I've taught her how to,”Neon says.
“Ahhhh ohhhhhhhhh” Neon howls.
There was a faint noise back
“Ahhhhhhhhhh.” it was faint and not nearly as good
“She answered and she says she in trouble,” Neon says
“Ah Ohh,” Neon howls back.
“Ah oh ooh,” It says
“Red cliff has her”Neon says.
“Let's go”
So we set of the wind howls at us we walk through the mist. The wind just doesn't stop
We get to the place.
“Alyssa were here,” I say.
“Ha ha ha ha you fell right into my trap,” A voice said.
A big cage fell on all of us
“What wait for Red cliff,” Janeiro says.
“Where's Alyssa” I yell
“Ha ha ha well you don't care about Alyssa,” Red cliff says.
“We do care about her she's my best friend,”Neon says.
“My sister is right she is the youngest now get us out of here,” Janeiro says
“Why don't we do this the easy way but there's a hard way,” Red cliff says
Suddenly Janeiro roars scaring the horses everyone runs after them
“Quick” we scramble out
Then we see alyssa
“I just got some berries” and she fell asleep
We went to the cave and went to sleep.

Chapter 4

I feel the weight on my shoulders as I'm split apart from josh again. There's the just color I don't understand.
“Why did we have to go we shouldn't have left josh to die with red cliff at his heels” feeling tears prick my ears I start to sob again,
I see their body tense“Alyssa will you ever learn oh Alyssa” Janeiro sighs
“No, because he was my best friend”
“Oh really he nearly killed you”
“But he was still my friend we have been since cubs”
“We told you”
“I wish”
“Fine if that's how you wanna be I'm outta here” with that I walked out on them.
Then I realised I was free free
Neon quietly murmured “we can't tell her to let her go”
I didn't hear her, though.
“No longer anyone to look after me look after me I can look after myself I'm free in free im free im free no longer anyone to look after me look after me look after me I'm free no longer anyone to look after me I'm free”
Time to find josh
I felt my feet padded after a while half of my heart started to ache nothing felt right.
When I awoke I thought it was only a bad dream but I was by myself alone. I scampered to the clearing to see red cliff putting josh in a crate dead.
“Not josh” I sobbed
But then I felt anger ”they knew and they never ever told me”
I storm up to red cliff no one kills josh I  feel my feet get lifted from the ground into a net
“Ahh you must be alyssa yes yes they talked highly of you howl no you can end up the same as josh your a useless bit of junk, you're probly why I kill it wouldn't hurt to tell you the story I guess LET US BEGIN  you see I can talk with animals yes as you know so I lived in the woods and I was friends with all creatures but then well my ma died and then I felt empty I wanted revenge and why not give it to the animals there you go now lets see some meat yes good”
Red cliff took charge “whiff it under her nose”
We (as in Neon, Conor and janoris) had silently followed her
Janerio could bear it any longer she burst from cover roaring then she ate the meat…
“Go alyssa save yourself” snapping open the rope she howled to the wind
“Forgive me for these awful deeds i have done hold me closer to the sun defeat red cliff here my mighty song bring hope all day long”
With that she snarled and her eyes dropped into a everlasting sleep.
”I am sorry it’s all my fault it's all my fault” Alyssa sobbed harder
“Let's go”
“I guess”
We padded to the clearing and started digging a word was not said only sobbs.

Chapter 5
All over

“It's not fair it's not fair” Neon Cries she tugs on to Janeiro's grave.
“I'm sorry Neon but this just happens,”
Connor tries to comfort her.
We walk and walk as Neon cries the whole way we try to cheer her up
But her big sister died just yesterday which is bad.
“Ahh umm Alyssa it's that josh had an umm crush on you.”
Neon turned around and whispered softly.
“Janeiro liked you, Conner, it is all my fault,” she blows a sad soft kiss
Alyssa, however, did not like the way this was going she tuned in
 “peck peck peck peck peck”
We exchanged mortified glances she was also doing the hand actions,
“There is no love between us is there conner?”
“Er well actually” she shot me a glare it was well all a neon glare,              
“No of course not!”
“Peck peck peck peck peck peck peck peck peck peck…”
“Oh be quiet Alyssa I can think straight” I snapped.
We heard red cliff coming closer and closer shouting something muffled, Alyssa completely frozen quivering with fear. No Alyssa I skidded to a halt turned around and charged sending Alyssa flying, then conner came it was a blur he shouted something and well Alyssa tugged helplessly we never saw him again but we heard
“Neon I love you” shouted to the wind
I smiled shyly to myself.


Josh had been right I know doubt was a coward nor a whimper I knew full well I wouldn't survive but I would save neon that it I'm not a whimper then  thought crossed my mind.
But then again he was right I am a wimp never to know anything else but I had to save Neon making up my mind I ran from cover roaring.
“GO NEON SAVE YOUR SELF i love you neon,”
The coward swooped away leaving me her eyes darted with confusion but she ran thanks to Alyssa who half dragged her the other way she got her to move was screaming in her ear. My thoughts were interrupted by chuckling hoarse hard and foul his breath was blood everywhere i could smell it danger.  Suddenly I felt a dart pierce my skin I snarled trying to get it out I felt the blood trickle down my face I was dead nearly I let my last thoughts come good luck Neon i'd always liked her with my heart and soul as I nearly closed my eyes forever. I felt  my eyes getting clouded with fog I lunged managing to kill five men new high score. The disadvantage was i only to be shoot again and spat on. My last thought was ‘so this is death’? Maybe, but my understanding was it was a long dark painful trail which was very very very slow and painful.
“Good luck for death will be a dark adventure you foul creature,” he growled under his breath but I heard it
My mum’s words came floating back to me
“Conner, listen to death. It is not a dark adventure and if you well are killed by your enemy die a hero,”
That's it. That is the last straw Red Cliff, I hurl my body up with so much effort I just manage to swat at his neck. He was dead.

I lay down my last cry. The  word quickly spread around the wood and the creatures danced all night. I watched from the animal heaven above and smiled. My work was done. Death may be painful, but it was worth it to see this.
I heard Neon laugh at Alyssa.
“Happy endings are for fairytales bozo, but this once it worked out alright,”
We will meet again, for death is not the end but the beginning of new hope. This is our story we shared with you. Treasure it. We can't be the keepers for long.

The end