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Monday, 26 June 2017

Science Journal 6

This week, we were making some creations. There were three choices, when I say choices. (I mean the teachers choice). I made a parachute. When I had finished I let the parachute go outside.
It fell down really fast. I think that's because it was bigger than the others, so it would have more weight than the smaller ones. 
If I were to make it again, I'd try to make the strings more even than they were before. Because that made an impact on the whole parachute, it made it bumpier. When it was bumpy it just flew to the side, and tumbled down. 
I wonder if we didn't have the string or the bottle cap, it might not work. 
I also wonder what would happen if I made the parachute really big. It would probably not even glide and it might just fall down.

Overall, I have placed myself on relational, because I can connect my ideas together and they flow nicely. I really want to keep making new creations, because it's really fun. I can learn a lot from it. 

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Science Jornual 5: Flight.

This week, our science class has been working on flight. We were having a debate if flying squirrels fly, or glide. And if flying snakes fly, or glide.

 There is a difference between the two, gliding is where you move smoothly through the air. But you do it without effort, or resistance. Flying is, passing through the air, flapping your wings (if you're a bird). So there is a difference, not a huge one.

I think that flying snakes fly, because I've heard of them before. They are called… Chrysopelea.
We were also learning about the four forces, I can tell you them and what the mean…

Thrust- The forward force required to move a plane through the air.
Drag- A force that acts against thrust, and slows the airplane down.
Lift- To move, or bring something upward from the ground.
Weight- The amount or quantity of heaviness.

I wonder what would happen if… We didn't have forces. I think our planes wouldn't be able to work, because we wouldn’t be able to lift the plane without lift!
Overall I love learning about flight, and I think my data gathering would be Multistructural, because I can connect my ideas from my observations. I want to learn way more about it in the future.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Shop Disaster

I was riveted to the spot, everybody staring at me. I clutched to the clothes hanger that was in my hand.

Actually how about we start from the beginning… 
“I'm just going to get some new earrings.” Mum smiled. “Stay here.” 
And that's what I did, well for a while anyway. I saw just in the corner of my eye, it was a cute bunny onesie, I couldn't resist it. 
So I walked up to it and stood there staring at it, then I said to myself. Mum won't mind if I go and try it on, will she? 
So that's exactly what I did, I took it off the hook and ran to the changing room. 
A while later I came out. 
I went to look for Mum, but she wasn't there. My mind was swimming, I didn't know what to do. 
Mum said that I should've stayed there, but I didn't. I now regret it. 
Then out of nowhere I heard the loudspeaker below. 
For some reason when it's you that has been called, people always seem to know that it's you so they stare at you. 
I decided to go after a few minutes of just standing there and when I did get there I saw Mum tapping her foot and frowning at me. 
“I said for you to stay, while I was finding some new earrings,” she grumbled. 
“Well, sorry.” I moaned. She frowned once again… 
“Not good enough.” 

Self reflection 

Our class has been working on a piece of writing about when you have been cheeky, it was really fun to write about. 
I also hope we write something like this again. My punctuation was fabulous, I even helped others that needed help.  So I think for my punctuation extended abstract.  I also used some bright sparks words. But if I had to rate myself it’ll probably be multistructural. But overall for my whole piece of writing I will rate myself on a scale of one to ten… eight! 

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Wanui Camp 2017

 “Wake up! Chop chop!” The teacher growled.
I jump out of bed, my hair frizzing everywhere.

A few hours later, I found myself about to shoot an arrow.
“No, that's all wrong!” One of the teachers snapped.
“Well, I thought…” I tried to finish but he cut in.
“Remember stand in your snowboarding stance, and let the arrow fly.”
So that's exactly what I did, I saw the arrow flying through the air. It twisted, it turned and it finally hit somewhere, but guess what? It hit the hay bale… Wow!
“Nice job Gabby!” Ollie awkwardly smiled. (Ollie was our instructor for archery). I trudged into the red zone to get my arrow.
I trudged up the hill, and down, down to high ropes…

“Do it!” Ollie yelled. If you're wondering what I am doing, I'm trying to get to the top of high ropes.
 I looked over to him, and frowned.
“I can't, it's too hard!”
He rolled his eyes. “Stand up, and I'll tell you what to do next.”
So that's what I did, I wobbled around as I clutched to the bar that was above me. I stood there and called out to Ollie.
“I did it!” He didn't seem to bothered.
“Just pull yourself up.” He mumbled loudly.

One day later…

‘Goodbye camp,’ I thought, as I frowned and waved.
I looked over my shoulder, everybody was chatting. Loudly.
I sat there, arms crossed. I heard the kids at the back singing in this horrible tune, that made my ears pop.
I wanted to thank them because my ears were dead.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Science jornual week four

This week we have been learning on how to observe things around us, and inference it. We were looking at a catapult thing called a trebuchet.
It's basically like a catapult but different in a way. We were also learning about forces. A force is when something pushes down on another thing, example the earth is holding us down (gravity) and that makes a force.
Overall, I think my observations are relational, because I can connect my ideas together. I think my inferences are multistructural because I can connect my ideas, and they flow together.

Science jornual week three

This week we were trying to find differences between putting paper on a balloon and not putting paper on.
So we sellotaped some paper onto the balloon and we watched and observed.
We watched the teacher, as she blew up the balloon and put paper on.
It went really slow, it didn't even make it, that's because she put the paper on top.
If you put the paper on top, it goes slower and it doesn't usually make it the whole way.
So Miss. Pageot tried to put it on the side, it actually worked way better. It almost went the whole way.
Overall I think I'm relational because I can connect all of my ideas together, and they flow nicely together.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Science Journal

Where have I placed myself for
Gathering data
Engaging in science after today's experiment?

This morning all the classes had to make some slime to pour over Mr. Anderson's head. We had to make it runny so it could pour over his head easily. We made it smell good, by putting some vanilla essences in, but later on the smelly smell came back. Most of the slime was really chunky with big barnacles. Our class made the slime with water, food colouring, cornflour and vanilla essences.
I was multistructural at Gathering data because I was listening, taking it in, but not doing it to my best ability. But I was following others that were doing it to their best capability.

I was relational at Inferencing because, I understood what I could do and I connect my ideas.

This week our class has been learning about science. We we’re doing a project about rocket balloons, we had to get two chairs, a long piece of string, a balloon and a straw.
You had to thread the straw through the string, then tape the string to the chair.
Blow the balloon up and then watch it fly!

I was buddies Rosa, we had to make sure our observations were accurate.
To make them accurate we had to watch the balloon and observe from that.
We had a sheet to write down our observations, we had see, think and wonder.
We had to also make connections with things we have in common.
I think I was multistructural at this learning because, I could connect with a lot of things.
Overall me and Rosa did well, and I wouldn't mind to do it again.